Who are "Sanders Democrats"?

A ‘Sanders Democrat’ is a candidate or political leader that is committed to furthering the progressive movement.

1. Progressive Ideas

These candidates promote progressive ideas such as free college tuition, Medicare for all, strengthening labor, criminal justice reform, progressive taxation, and increasing minimum wage while indexing it to inflation. They are affirmatively committed to addressing systematic injustice and increasing opportunity for all citizens.

2. Grassroots Oriented

A ‘Sanders Democrat’ rejects big money influence and seeks the influence of grassroots progressive activists for social justice. They know it is from the people that real change is born; not from lobbyists, special interests or establishment big wigs.

3. Unafraid Leadership

A ‘Sanders Democrat’ is a leader who is unafraid to stand against neo-conservative foreign policy and neo-liberal economic policy, regardless of political affiliation.

‘Sanders Democrats’ are the new agents of progressive change in our political system, and they need our support!

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